I built this site to eventually collect all of my experience building in WordPress, specifically theming. Look out for free and premium plugins, themes, tutorials, and courses.

Between 2004 and 2005 WordPress and blogging were gaining popularity and the web was moving away from static sites, not to be left behind I started learning PHP and WordPress together so I could offer that as a service to my clients.

One thing led to another, WordPress ended up powering the majority of the web, and almost 20 years and hundreds of WordPress installs later, here we are.

Today there are countless alternatives to WordPress, and there are good reasons to build certain projects on other systems, but WordPress is what I know best and when used correctly it really can power almost anything.

WordPress has a bad reputation, as does PHP, but a lot of that is because it’s just so easy to get started in WordPress and implement solutions in all weird and wacky ways. One-click installs, bloated themes, unreliable plugins, drag and drop editors – it’s easy to make a big mess and then complain afterwards.

So let’s do this: Combine UI design, front-end development, and a good understanding of WordPress to create functional, well-designed themes and WordPress websites or apps.

Let’s not do this: Use bloated themes, plugins to fix everything, and then when something doesn’t look quite right, install a drag and drop editor to fix it.